5 Things That Make Your Acne Scars WORSE!

Oct 11, 2018 | Face 101, Skin 101

#1 Smoking

Did you know that smoking affects blood flow? Nicotine in cigarettes has been proven to reduce blood circulation around new injuries. In order for a scar to heal, the area of the wound must have enough blood circulation to carry oxygen and nutrients to the affected area. Hence, when you smoke, the healing capabilities of your wound is affected.


#2 Sun

We all know that ultraviolet rays from the sun is harmful in many ways. Hence, it is important to remember that when you have a wound, the affected skin should be protected from high exposures to the sun. Why? Because the harmful rays of the sun can prohibit the development of new skin and can actually make a scar look worse than before.


#3 Lemons

Lemons are great for a lot of things but you should never apply lemon juice directly on your face. Lemons are acidic fruits and the acidity can irritate your skin. When you apply lemon juice on your face—especially on an acne wound that is recovering–you are causing further irritation to an already irritated skin.


#4 Picking Your Skin

You know not to pick at your acne, but do you know that you shouldn’t pick at your scars too—especially newly developed scars? When it comes to treating a scar, you should always seek the help of a professional. Self-administration and off the counter medicine might not work well on your skin and could worsen your condition.


#5 Vitamin E

Researchers at the University of Miami Department of Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery recently discovered that Vitamin E has no positive effect on the wound healing process. In fact, 90% of the participants that took part in the study ended up with a worse scar appearance than before.


Dr. Teh Sheau Jye

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