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Are you experiencing the following?

✓Do you avoid your reflection in fear of self-judgement?
✓ Are you questioning your identity because of your body?
✓ Do you waste hours a day trying to conceal your flaws?

Visible Differences You Never Thought Possible!

You’re in your prime years–you don’t deserve the frustration, judgement, and embarrassment. You should be taking your strides with confidence and pride. So don’t hide your true self any longer. Lift your chin up, because our medical-grade approach will result in

At BeauLife, we desire to make everyone feel good & great.

You Deserve to Let Your Inner Beauty Shine

Experienced, Qualified & Motivated Team

The professional team of aesthetic specialists focuses on enhancing your beauty and building confidence. The team works to ensure that the men and women who come in for treatment walk out of the office feeling better about themselves.

Our Testimonials

“ I had Yag laser treatment to target my pigmentation and Rejuran treatment to target my uneven skin tone, enlarged pores and sensitivity. Dr. Teh was very attentive and upon hearing that my concern is also on facial hair, she did the hair removal for me as part of the ND: Yag laser treatment at no additional cost. There is slight discomfort during the treatments but bearable. ”

Maia, Nd YAG Laser Treatment.

“I had struggled with acne scar before I did the subcision and Co2 laser treatments at Beaulife clinic. The doctor is very experienced and a good adviser on how to get rid of your skin problems. The price of the treatment was affordable value for me and I couldn’t find the same price on the same treatment at another clinic. They really helped me a lot.”

Mizham, Acne Scar Treatment.

“Value for money. Can see the result within a short period. Long-term pimples problem but able to see the result within a month. Highly recommend Dr. and his staff are friendly. Explain to the patient regarding your problem. Important: price is considered quite reasonable or even cheapest in the town compare to others.”

Ung, Acne Treatment.

“Seen by Dr. teh and had “carbon peel” treatment recommended by the doctor. I’m happy with the result. I had some fine facial hair also gone after treatment. Was a pleasant experience I will come back again. Good.”

Ken, Carbon Peel Treatment.

“I have done numerous treatments under this clinic. Such as Rejuren Healer, Filler Injection on lips and nose, PRP, airjet, hifu, thread lift, eyebrow implant, whitening drips, lucent crystal tomato supplement and much more to come. I was having severe melasma on the face for years. It came to an end after treatments here. I’m so satisfied. This clinic provides the best service in total. Nothing to regret coming here. I’m Coming all the way from Rawang to Bukit Jalil. Worth it, nice environment and friendly staffs.”

Kavi, Dermal Filler Treatment.

“I have been having pimple problems since I was in Form 3. The pimple keeps growing even after I bought the different types of supplements. I even tried detox but it didn’t work. When pimple stopped growing on my face, it came on my body. My relative then referred me to BeauLife. Their acne treatment includes laser treatment, medical-grade facial, oral medication, and acne soap. It is only after I met with professionally trained doctors here I learned that there is no one size fit all acne treatment. Price is reasonable too (even for a college student)”

Shamsul, Acne Treatment.

Contact Us

We are here to answer any questions you may have about our treatment. Reach out to us and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

Contact Us

We are here to answer any questions you may have about our treatment. Reach out to us and we’ll respond as soon as we can.


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