Pigment Laser (Q-Switch Nd:YAG)

What is Q-Switched Nd: Yag Laser?

Q-switch Nd:YAG laser (as known as Pigment Laser) emits high energy light, removing unwanted skins cells without harming the skin. The pain-free and quick treatment encourages the skin to produce collagen alongside vitamins and minerals. It promotes smoother, lighter, and healthier skin in the process.

This treatment has no major side effects with no downtime. Most patients will undergo six sessions to achieve visible results. As it is non-invasive, it is suitable for all skin types. However, it may not be suitable for certain individuals. Should you be interested in this treatment, kindly consult our doctors to learn if this treatment is for you.  

Who is it for?

  • Pores & Texture
  • Melasma
  • Pigmentation/Age Spot
  • Tattoo Removal
  • Saggy Skin
  • Dull Skin
  • Hair Removal

Is Q-Switched Nd: Yag Laser FDA Approved?

Yes, our Q-Switc h Nd: Yag Laser is FDA approved. It can be used for the treatment of pigmented lesions, tattoo removal, hair removal, nail fungal infection, skin rejuvenation and skin brightening.

Side Effect of Q-Switched Nd: Yag Laser

Q-Switch Nd: Yag laser is a safe and non-invasive procedure. The side effects are usually minor. Some patients may experience mild itchiness and mild redness of the skin during the procedure which usually will resolve within an hour. Most patients can get back to their daily activities immediately after the treatment. However for superficial pigmented lesions, there will be formation of scab which will fall off after a few days.

How is Q-Switched Nd: Yag Laser Performed?

The laser procedure is only done by our professional doctors. After patient’s face is cleansed, the eyes will be covered with the protective eye goggles. During the laser procedure, patients will feel the warmth and tingling sensation caused by the laser, which is tolerable by most patients. There is no need for numbing cream except for the case of tattoo removal. The whole procedure will take about 15 to 20 minutes.

How Much Does Q-Switched Nd: Yag Laser Cost?

The price varies according to different pigmentary problems and the number of sessions required. It is advisable to come to our clinic for a consultation with our doctor first.

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