What is Medical Aesthetic?

Medical aesthetic is a mixture of science and art. It is a niche interest in medical industry. It relies on procedures and techniques to improve and enrich the look, appearance, contour of the face, and body. Generally, medical aesthetic uses non-invasive or minimal invasive techniques and state of the art technologies.

There is a rapid growth of medical aesthetic clinic over the recent years due to the demand of rejuvenating procedures to feel good without involving surgeries. With the technological advancement in the beauty aesthetic industry, the procedures are quick and discrete with virtually no downtime.

Even though medical aesthetic is embraced for this particular reason, but it does not replace cosmetic surgery. Both field is very different and occasionally, clients are referred to cosmetic surgery when their requirements are beyond the medical aesthetic field.


How is it different to Medispa?

The difference between beauticians with aesthetic physicians is huge. Unlike beauticians, aesthetic physicians are actually doctors. Aesthetic doctors have better knowledge of the human body. They know how the body responds to various treatments and medical equipment. They are also aware of the complications that might arise from the procedures and will take precautionary measures to prevent any complications. It is an aesthetic physician’s responsibility to inform and explain to the patient first before treatment. During consultation, they will advice whether it is suitable for the patient’s skin before undertake the procedure.

Aesthetic physicians have the knowledge and understanding on how to use scientific equipment. Lights, lasers or other products are beyond a beauticians’ understanding. Aesthetic physicians will also apply the necessary safety precautions during treatment. They will also recommend patients who have the right symptoms with the right treatment and medications.

This gives a sense of safety and comfort to the patients. They are in the hands of trained personnel to help them achieve the desire without compromising.


How to choose the right aesthetic clinic?

It is scary to hear horror stories of people not getting the result they wanted or even worst, suffering from post-treatment complications or permanent scarring.

1. Price

Going for a consultation in the aesthetic clinic is very different from going to your normal health clinic for a fever. Patients usually have a tendency to compare prices before choosing the clinic. We must wary of the cheapest priced clinic as most likely they are not a certified aesthetic clinic. Of course, the most expensive clinic doesn’t mean maximum results too if their aesthetic physicians are inexperience. We must do some survey or research before trusting their words.

2. Skills They Are Specialized In

Different aesthetic clinics are good in different skills and services they offer, as different aesthetic treatment requires different set of skills. So be on the look out for what is their best selling treatment. The before and after photos and customer testimonial from their website or social media page is a good place to look at. Aesthetic clinic that offers a money back guarantee on their best selling treatment normally is an expert in that particular area.

3. Proper Procedure & SOP

Look for a clinic that will give you an in-depth consultation before starting any treatment. Jumping right into treatment without proper analysis is like jumping into an ocean without the knowledge of swimming. Proper diagnosis and analysis before treatment is important. Once the treatment starts, there is no turning back and in some cases, it can bring post treatment complications or permanent damage to the skin.

4. Regulated Clinic & Professionals

The most important part when looking for a aesthetic clinic is to look for a regulated clinic with professionals and a medical director. Even though the aesthetics beauty industry is not yet a regulated field, but there are several professions within it that are regulated such as registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and physicians.


Why BeauLife Clinic is the right Medical Aesthetic Clinic for you?

BeauLife Clinic have a high standard of care and we believe that everyone should be confident with his or her on skin. We also have a high standard of safety for our patients. All of our nurses are fully trained and qualified to provide high level of care to the patient.

Medical Aesthetic Consultation Doctor and Customer

BeauLife Clinic is also an Asia Pacific Award Winning Beauty Aesthetic Clinic with real experienced medical doctors mainly focusing in anti-aging and stem cell treatment. Dr. Teh and Dr. Lim, both are registered with the Ministry Of Health Malaysia. We are also a skin and aesthetic clinic that is certified by the Ministry Of Health Malaysia.

If you would like to visit us first just to have a look around or simply have a chat with one of our doctors you are quite welcome to drop by. We’re located at 10-G, Jalan Jalil Jaya 4, Jalil Link, Bukit Jalil, 57000 Kuala Lumpur. Our operating hours are 10am to 7pm on the weekdays and 10am to 5pm on the weekends. Additionally you can call or WhatsApp us at +6010-3967687.


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